Saturday, February 13, 2010

Krishnan 21 yrs of age

I am Krishnan 21 yrs of age working in pvt companmy in chennai
(tamilnadu). My sis name is soniya she a true bomb shell her body
stats are 34"26"32" with very fair complextion she is of 16yrs age.
All this happened a week ago my parents had to go out station to our
relative as some one died there . We both were left alone at home . My
mom told me to take care of soniya and sleep in her room as she gets
afraid at night. I said ok. they left early morning at 8:00 I woke up
got ready for my work and asked soniya to get ready for school. She
said i'll be on holiday today i said ok .I went to work and returned
earlier than the normal time. As i reached home and and opened the
door with my key(all member of family have there own key) i saw soniya
was working on computer i came and stood right behind her. i was
shocked to see that she was watching adult site .
i said nothing and went back to the door and went out side and cme
back and rang the bell she came and opened the door after five minutes
i asked why it took so long to open the door she said i was working in
the kitchen i said ok and went to my room and switched on the computer
and started watching adult site and started reading story from it
after some time i noticed that soniya was standing behind me but i
intentionaly kept on watching that site i amde abit of noise she ran
back and came after some time ad said can i sleep here .i said ok u
can sleep here but dont disturb me . She pretended to sleep i knew
that she was here to see nude pic .
so i intentionaly moved the moniter towards here face so she could
have good look. after some time i switch off the computer and went to
sleep with her. i lied down with her .i could hear her deep breath i
knew she was hot i touched her at her back she shivered i understood
that she is ready for some action i kept on messaging her back for few
minutes then i slowly moved my hand toward her boobs and started
rubbing from out side then she turned toward me so that i could have
agteat look at her chest she was breathing much more heavily than
before she was wearing a t shirt so i had no problem in inseting my
hand under her shirt then i moved up her shirt to have a look at the
boobs her shirt was stuck in her back i was having trouble in taking
that up so she moved her body up so that i could do it on seeing this
gave me much confidence. i took of her shirt completly now she was
only in her sports bra. i moved that bra up a little and start sucking
her booobs i kept them sucking them for atleast five minutes then i
moved a little low to her belly and inserted my hand into her pussy
and start searching for the love hole could not find the hole for a
minute then soniya asked me "what r u searching for "i said
"for the love hole "she then said "u should have asked me "then i said
to her that "go ahead aand guide me the way" she said "ok" she got up
and took of her jeans now she was in half bra and panty i asked her to
remove them also .she laughed and said "why should i be the one to
take all of my clothes u should take of ur clothes also. i said ok but
u will have to un dress me . she quickely came to me and took of my
clothes and thew them on the bed and now we both were sanding nude in
front if each other. she said to me that "can i touch ur penis "i said
this yes, she laughed and came closer and toook it in her hand and
started rubbing it i said to her not like put this in ur mouth and
then do it .she took it in her mouth and start sucking it i was
getting very excited after a minute of sucking i said to her that i am
going to cum wanna taste it she said ya sure i blow all the cum inside
her mouth and she licked all of it .
i then i made her lie on the bed, and started fingering her pussy she
was making noises like uhhh ahhhhh mmmmmmm .When came along the cleft
between the pussy lips my fingers became wet. She was oozing honey. It
was full of silky hair, placed my entire palm on her pussy and started
massaging it, simultaneously kissing her hard. She was moaning at a
very low pitch. When I pinched her clit she moaned a bit louder
ssssssss...aaaaaaaah., and said "put your fingers inside my hole".
then I fucked her juicy cunt with my fingers, kissing her hard at the
same time. I took out my hand from her pussy and licked all the
honey on my fingers. It was deliciously and warm. I couldn't resist
now as I saw the taste of her honey, I moved down to her waist, lifted
her gown completely up and gently kissed her pubic hair. It was
emitting a sweet love scent. I took my tongue out, licked her hairy
cunt top to bottom several times. played with the clit with the tip of
tongue. She pressed my head on to her pussy, pulling my hair moaning
at a very very low pitch. After giving her cunt a thorough wash with
my tongue.
it was having a smell which could drive any one crazy .i asked her can
i !@#? her she said "yes but it should not pain me "i said "ya sure i
ll make sure that u dont get hurt but it pain a little in starting
then it get ok. she asked what if i get pregnent . i told nothing will
happen i will give u a tablet after all play over. when she was ready
i made her lie down and asked her to spread her leg as wide as u can
she spread her leg to her limits i was having a full look of the pussy
i took my lund in my land and put it on the mouth of her pussy then
took my other hand and parted her pussy wide open and slowly-2 pushed
it deeper inside her pussy after inserting a bit there was a stoppage
i said to her now u will have pain she said ok go on i pushed my penis
a bit harder she screamed very loudly and started crying and asked me
to take it out i said ok i took it out and then inserted it and kept
on doin it slowly -2 then she calmed down and started enjoying the
movement . then i slowly increased my thrust and she started making
noises loike do it faster !@#? me hard faster !@#? me uhhhhhhhhh
mmmmmmmmm ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh greatttttttt plz !@#?
me hard i increased my speed to my limit after few minutes i blewd in
her . after some time we got up and too k a bath and then we had some
food to eat as we both were exhausted . we kept on doing till our
parents came back .my mother asked soniya did mononol troubled u she
smiled mischieviously and said no he took great care of me .


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