Saturday, February 13, 2010

Anita from Mumbai

I am Anita from Mumbai. I am 20 years old studying in final year of
college. I have two brothers Anil and Amit. Anil is elder one doing
his engineering degree. Amit and myself go in same college, he is in
science stream where as I am doing my arts. My parents are working
and both of them remain out of home during the weekdays.

Since my school days I am interested in sex. My school had very big
play ground, at the end of the ground there was pavilion. No body
used to go there unless some sports are going on. There was a corner
behind this building which was not visible, me and one of friend used
to go there in our lunch brake, few boys were also coming there at
the same time. We used to pull down our panties and sit for pissing
in front of these boys showing them our cunts, for this show we were
getting lots of chocolates and gifts.

After joining college I was in very bold and bindhast group. I had
lot of boyfriends and only in first week of my college life, I had my
first experience of f******. By the time I went in third year I had
tested lot of "COCKS". Unfortunately, once my relations spotted me
while coming out of the hotel which was famous for taking girls for
f******. My mother came to know about this and I had lot of scolding,
my going out was banned. Even my mother didn't allow me to go to
college for about 15 days. After putting lot of restrictions on me,
finally mom allowed me to go to college but now, Amit was my
bodyguard. I had to accompany him while going and coming for college.
For about six months I could not do any enjoyment, life was literally
boring. I had to satisfy myself fingering my cunt in toilet.
It was only last week a great day in my life came, That day me and
Amit came from college at about 2'oclock. I went in my room for

I removed my jeans and T-shirt and I was standing in my lingree, and
was about to wear my gown. I doubted somebody was near the door, I
just tried to see from the corners of my eyes and I had a glimpse of
Amit. He was peeping from the sidewall. Suddenly an idea came to my
mind and instead of wearing gown I removed my bra and panties. I
stretched my legs wide open and stood for a while, he had complete
view of my buttocks. Then I started removing my earrings and while
doing so, I purposely dropped one on the floor. I sat down on my
knees lifting my ass up in the air and pretended as if I was
searching for the earrings. Now he had clear view of my shaven "
CUNT" and my reddish "ASS HOLE". I noticed he was almost in the
center of the door now amazingly looking at my treasure points. I
suddenly turned at him with laugh and said "its not fair Amit, you
have seen every thing of mine and not showing yours".

I reached him and unzipped his trouser and pushed my hand inside his
underwear, his cock was erected and very hot. He hold me tightly and
started squeezing my 36" balls with his one hand while his other hand
was creasing my ass chicks. Now I could not control myself, I pushed
him on the bed and took his cock in my mouth. After very long time I
was sucking such a hard cock. He got very excited when I started
tickling red tip of his cock he said " come on darling I want to !@#?
you", I said "OK", my brother you can !@#? me as many time as you
want. But please don't tell any thing to Anil about this. He started
laughing and said " darling everyday we see your "CHUT" (Cunt), when
you go in toilet, we have made one small hole in the door frame for
this. Anil is very found of your ass and he dreams to !@#? your ass."
It was really fantastic; I was tension free now. I said, " come on
ram your cock in my pussy", and slept on bed stretching my legs wide
apart, he came in my thighs and that very moment doorbell rang. Amit
looked at the clock, "Oh it must be Amit, on the door, he said. I
quickly ran towards the toilet, while going I told him what he should

I sat on the pot and closed the toilet door, Now I could hear both of
them talking some thing. As per plan Anil must have told him that I
was in toilet. I heard sound of footsteps near the door. Anil must
have started peeping through the hole. I slowly rubbed my cunt for a
while and opened my cunt lips with fingers, and started pissing .
Within few seconds, I unbolted the door and suddenly opened it. Anil
was stunned to see me pissing. Laughing at him I said " Hi brother,
how are the showers?." I finished my piss and got up, by the time I
came out, Anil had dropped his pants on the floor and his 9" cock was
waiting for me. I sat down and took the whole length of his cock in
my mouth, Amit lied behind me and pushed his head below my buttocks
and adjusted his lips on my cunt, now he was licking me and I was
sucking Anil.

Anil said "Meri pyari bahana muze to teri GAND marani hai". I said "I
never had it in my ass so I am afraid." Amit said "don't worry I will
take care of that", saying so he went in to kitchen and brought
packet of "Amul butter". Anil was sitting on sofa I was sucking his
cock, Amit came behind and lifted my buttocks and applied some butter
on my ass whole, and started pushing his finger inside. First I felt
it very tight, within some time it was very smooth, he applied some
more butter and pushed his second finger. After giving finger !@#? to
my ass for about 10 minutes, he said, "brother your tunnel is ready".
Now we changed the position Amit sat on sofa with his cock in my
mouth, and Anil came behind me, He kept tip of his cock on my ass
whole and pushed it inside, I screamed as he entered in, it was not
like a finger. For a moment he stopped and again started pushing in.
Within few moments his piston started moving in and out in my ass
whole. Thanks to Anil for his preparation. What a lovely seen it was
I was fucked by my two brothers.


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