Saturday, March 20, 2010

Surprize! I'm Not Your Huband.

One night as I visited my friend Joe. We talked as Joe said his spouse
Sara was out of town for a few days, visiting her brother Alex and
sister in-law Susan in Fort Meyer's. She was not due home until mid
afternoon the next day. He asked me to watch his house for the night
because he had to fly to Arizona on very urgent business. Leaving his
keys with me so that I could step out if I needed.

Joe's wife Sara is one sexy lady, I have had the hots for her for
years. Not wanting to risk my friendship with Joe, I kept this to

Arriving back at their place fairly late after a night of bar hoping
and dancing. I quickly grabbed a drink in the kitchen, before heading
upstairs to their bedroom to sleep.

Upon falling asleep very quickly, I suddenly feel my cock rising. I
feel soft hands caressing my balls and shaft. Thinking I am dreaming,
I try to fall back to sleep. I feel a warm mouth engulf my cock head.
I suddenly let out a loud moan, as I hear a giggle. Now knowing that
this is not a dream, I slide my hands slowly down to stroke a nice
head of long soft hair. Knowing it is Joe's wife Sara, I say nothing
as her tongue teases my cock head.

Hearing my moans, Sara sucks my cock down her throat. Sara's tongue
licks the tip of my cock head as I moan louder. Opening my eye's, I
try to see her. With it being dark I can only feel her body against
me. I close my eye's as her mouth works me closer to cumming. Hearing
me breathe deeper as she squeezes my balls in her fingers. Sara uses
her tongue to slowly lick up and down my shaft. Circling the head with
her tongue I shutter as my cock twitches. Sara squeezes my shaft hard,
as she slows her sucking as she licks the tip. I know she wants to
give me more pleasure.

I slide my hands down farther to Sara's soft shoulders, as I hear her
moan. Beginning to massage her neck and back. Feeling my cum rising
again, Sara sucks harder as she squeezes my shaft hard as she teases
me and giggles softly. Begging for release she giggles louder.
Stopping to kiss my inner thighs, Sara sucks my balls into her mouth
as she slides her tongue over them. Caressing my rock hard cock, as I
moan in pleasure she knows I am enjoying her mouth immensely.

Sliding my hands towards Sara's tits she moans, as I feel her hard
nipples. Feeling nothing like that before I pull on them as she moans
louder. She attacks my cock as she sucks harder them ever before.
Begging with her moaning for my cum to fill her mouth. I arch my back
as she screams for me not to stop. I pull harder on her nipples as she
arches her back screaming and moaning louder. My cock twitches
violently as my balls contract. Filling her mouth with my cum, I hear
her moan loudly as she shutters under my fingers, as an mini-orgasm
over takes her body. I have not known any person who has cum with me
playing with their nipples. I am very happy as she moans. Sucking me
dry she slides my cock in and out of her mouth, as she licks up every

Sliding up beside me I kiss Sara for the first time. Still thinking I
am her spouse Joe. Sara cuddles very close to me, as I slide my hands
over her soft body. I have seen Sara in a string bikini a few times. I
know she has one hell of a beautiful body. Now I also know why Joe is
so happy all the time. Because she can give head like no other woman I
have ever been with. Caressing her back and shoulders as I begin to
give her the same pleasure she just gave me.

I suck on Sara's nipples slowly, as she moans softly. Sliding my hands
down her back just to the top of her ass. Feeling how soft and smooth
she is. I hear breath deeply as she enjoys the pleasure of my mouth
and hands. Sucking on her nipples softly, I take my time not wanting
her to orgasm again to soon. I move my fingers over her ass hole as
she squirms under me, knowing I have found another pleasure spot, I
tease her ass with my finger as she moans louder. Moving my tongue
down her tummy she breathes heavier and deeper. I slip my finger
closer to her pussy as she arches her back closer to me. I push Sara
over onto her back as my tongue and finger move closer to her love

Kissing down Sara's tummy I feel that she is clean shaven, now I know
why I do not see any stray hairs when she wears her bikini's. She
strokes my hair as she moans softly, I pull her pussy lips apart with
my finger as she breathes very hard and deep. Feeling the wetness with
my fingers, I smell her aroma as my tongue kisses her inner thighs, as
I lick and nibble on her. Giggling as I do this. I begin to tease Sara
some more as I blow into her pussy. I hear her beg for my tongue on
her clit. Knowing she is hot and ready. I slide my now wet finger back
towards Sara's ass hole, as she moans, sliding it slow inside her she
screams as she arches her back pushing her pussy hard against my

I slowly lick Sara's clit as she screams in a short explosive orgasm.
This woman is hot. I slow my tongue down as she moans in pleasure from
my finger in her ass hole. Sliding it in and out slowly she moans
loudly as the pleasure flows through her body. Bringing Joe's wife
Sara closer and closer to another orgasm. Wanting this one to last, I
stop my finger as my breath blows over her clit. She is begging me to
make her cum again. I giggle softly as my finger pushes deeper into
her ass hole as arches her back. Wanting to prolong her pleasure I
kiss her inner thighs again as she whimpers.

I lift Sara's legs into the air as her ass is moves closer to my
tongue. Darting my tongue out I lick her ass hole gently as she moans
softly. Teasing it with my tongue, I hear her whimper in pleasure. I
use my hands to hold her legs high in the air. Knowing Joe's wife Sara
is enjoying this immensely, I slide my tongue into her hole as she
arches up against my face. Teasing her hole slowly as she relaxes. I
know she is enjoying my tongue. After a few more minutes of this I
slide my tongue up her pussy as she moans louder.

Wanting Sara to cum now, I work my tongue over her clit faster and
faster as she bucks and screams louder. Keeping her feet high in the
air, I still tease her ass hole every once in a while. Moaning heavy
now, I let her legs drop as my finger slides over her ass hole,
sliding it quickly into her ass. Sara squirms under my tongue as I
flick it lightly over her clit. As mini-orgasm after mini-orgasm rocks
her body. Working my tongue harder against her clit, her body arches
higher and higher as she screams like nothing I have ever heard
before, as the longest most intense orgasm shutters through her body.

Collapsing on the bed under me. Sara tries to regain her breath, as I
slide up her body, as my cock rests against her inner thigh. Hugging
me tightly, as Sara Joe's wife whispers in my ear to take her. We
begin to kiss each other softly as we hug tightly. Letting her relax
for several more minutes.

I push my cock closer to Sara's pussy lips, as she spreads her legs
wider. Whispering in her ear as I glide my cock head past her pussy
lips, I hear her moan softly as she pushes forward. Pushing my cock
all the way inside her she screams in my ear, as her pussy clamps
tightly around my cock as she tries to milk my cum from my balls.
Telling me it feels so nice inside her. I rock gently as her pussy
grips me firmly. I hear her moan louder as my cock rubs against her

Knowing Joe's spouse Sara is ready. I begin to !@#? her deep and hard
with each stroke as her legs wrap around my back. I hear her breathe
deep as my cock brings her closer to cumming. Knowing feel my balls
contract as my cock twitches inside her. Feeling this her orgasm
floods my cock as she screams and bucks under me, as my cock shoots my
load deep inside her pussy.

Thanking me for a wonderful night, I still do not think Sara knows
that I am not Joe her spouse as we drift off into a deep restful

Waking up as Sara straddles my thighs, I feel my hard cock slide into
her as she closes her eye's. Seeing it is early morning as the sun
begins to come up over the horizon. I see her eye's are closed as she
begins to enjoy my hard cock once again. I see her sexy body as the
sun begins to come in through the window.

I see Sara open her eye's she jumps. Seeing me for the first time a
shock comes over her face for a few seconds. I smile at her as she
stops her movements. Smiling back at me she leans over to kiss me, as
she thanks me for a wonderful night. Knowing I am enjoying her pussy
once again. Sara begins to !@#? me nice and slowly, as her eye's close
from the pleasure building inside her pussy. I squeeze her tits softly
as she moans louder as a mini-orgasm ripples through her.

I roll Sara on her back as my cock slide deeper inside her. Rocking
harder into her with each stroke, I hear her scream as her pussy
floods my cock with another intense orgasm. My balls let lose another
flood of cum deep inside her pussy as I scream loudly. Falling on top
of Joe's spouse Sara. Thanking her once again, as she says thank you
with a kiss. Saying she has never cum so much in one night, as her
pussy squeezes my cock hugging tightly to one another.

A few minutes later Sara asks where Joe is. I tell her he is away on
urgent business for a few days. A smile lights Sara's face, as she
pulls me from the bed. Following Joe's sexy wife, as we head towards
the bathroom.

Sara turns on the shower as she pulls me into the shower. Not
objecting one bit, I follow right behind her sexy ass. Once inside,
she washes my back with soap. Sliding her hands over my but, she moans
softly. After a few minutes of this, Sara turns me around as she soaps
my chest. Taking her sweet time as she studies me. My cock rises once
again as eye's take in her sexy body. Seeing this she giggles, as her
hands move lower soaping my cock and balls. Washing me from head to
toe as my cock hardens once again.

Suddenly Sara drops to her knees as she winks at me. Taking my balls
in her hands. Sara squeezes me hard, as I groan loudly. My cock is now
rock hard once more, as Joe's wife Sara slides her hands up and down
my shaft. Stroking me gently, I close my eye's as I lean against the
wall. Suddenly she engulfs my cockhead in her mouth. Sucking me slowly
as her fingers slide up under my balls. Bringing me nearer and nearer
to climaxing once more.

I pull Sara away from my cock as she protests. Taking the soap I
sliding it over her tits as she closes her eye's. Soaping her tummy
and chest as the water falls over us, I hear her breath deeper.
Sliding the soap bar over her sweet pussy lips as her breath become
harsher. Sara moans louder, as I wash her pussy slowly. Moving closer
to her ass with the wet bar of soap. She arches her back, pushing
herself against me. I slide my hand down towards her asshole, as she
moans louder. Taking my finger I work it into her asshole, as she

Sara whispers in my ear she wants my cock in her but. Smiling back at
her, I turn her around as she leans against the wall as the water
splashes over her. I slide a second lathered finger in her tight ass
to loosen her up. Moaning louder under me, she begs for my cock. !@#?
my ass baby.

Knowing Sara's ready I slide my cock over her pussy lips as I wet it.
Pressing my cock head against her tight asshole, as Sara whimpers. I
push it gently in slowly into Joe's wife, as her ass opens up. Pushing
more and more into her she squeals loudly. I stop to ask her if it
hurts, she tells me no it feels so good. Begging for me to fill her, I
push deeper with each stroke.

Deep within Sara's ass hole, I stop to let her relax and become
accustomed to the size. I feel her hand slide over my balls, as I
slide in and out faster with each stroke. I feel her body shutter, as
an mini-orgasm ripple through her. One right after another as she
grabs to wall harder. Nearing the point of no return myself, I tell
her this, as her ass hole squeezes my cock harder. Flooding the inside
of Sara's asshole with my cum. Her body ripples in and intense orgasm,
as we collapse against the wall.

Regaining our sense of composure, Sara turns the shower off as we
slowly untangle ourselves and get out. Telling me to dress quickly as
Sara leaves me in the bathroom to shave. I take my time. I slowly move
downstairs, as I smell the sweet aroma from the kitchen.

Wondering what Sara has cooked up, I see a feast for a monarch.
Telling me to grab a seat as she kisses me. Wearing a pair of short
shorts and halter top. I see her ass cheeks stick out, as she wiggles
her ass at me. Heading to the fridge for juice, upon returning she
sits across from me.

Smiling at me, Sara tells me to dig in big boy. Feeling hungry I
devour the meal, as we talk. Telling me she enjoyed my company last
night. Sara says with Joe being away all the time, she gets quite
lonely at times. Sara says she has caught me eyeing her a few times in
the past.

Telling Sara I felt that she was beautiful, I never wanted to go after
her because she was my best friend Joe's spouse. She asked me to stay
until Joe got back. Agreeing with a smile. After lunch we cleaned up
as she brushed against me a few times. She got some of Joe's swim
trunks for me as she told me to meet her outside in the pool.

Having a place far away from neighbors prying. Sara emerging wearing a
black string bikini, that barely covered her privates. After quickly
taking a swim, we move ourselves over by the blankets she had placed
on the edge of the grass.

Grabbing the suntan lotion, I slowly apply it to Sara's back as I
untie her top, seeing no tan lines I know she must tan nude all the
time. I hear her moan as my hands massaged her back and shoulders.
Moving my hand down Joe's spouse Sara's lovely back. I feel her sexy
ass checks, as she moans louder as to egging me on. Untying her bikini
bottoms, I slide more lotion over her ass, as she moaned louder.
Knowing Sara's a fire cracker ready to go off. I begin to caress her
sexy legs, as the afternoon sun beats down on us. Finishing her legs
and feet, I quickly turn her over as her nipples stand straight up.

Seeing Sara fully nude in the sun, had my cock standing at full
attention inside the trunks. Seeing this she smiled. Moving my hands
up her legs as I applied the lotion, I her moan. Taking my time as I
pass her pussy to her tummy, she whimpers. Moving my hands up her
tummy, I slide the lotion over her tits as she moans louder. Teasing
the tips with my fingers, I hear her moan loudly as a mini-orgasm
rocks her under me.

Telling me it is my turn, Sara tells me to lie back. Applying the
lotion over my neck and shoulders she moves down my chest. Seeing my
cock under the trunks, she winks at me, as she slides her hands over
my chest and tummy. Moving to my feet she caresses the lotion over my
feet, as she works up my legs. Nearing the trunks she lefts my legs
she pulls them off with one practiced pull. Seeing my cock bounce
against me chest she giggles loudly. Working her hands towards my
inner thighs, she caresses my balls with the lotion, as I close my
eye's. Taking my shaft in her hands she rubs the lotion all over it.

Suddenly, Sara moves herself into a 69 above me. Pressing her sweet
pussy against my face, as her hands caress my rock hard cock. Smelling
the aroma, I dive my tongue deep inside her pussy. Feeling me devours
my cock, as we hungry each other. She must have had about half dozen
orgasms by the time my cock fired deep in her mouth.

After taking a quick dip in the pool to clean ourselves off, I invite
Sara for dinner and dancing. Accepting my offer with a long sensual
kiss, I head home to change.

After returning home I hear my phone ring, as I answer it. Sara says
she misses my cock already, laughing and quickly hanging up. Returning
a short while later to pick her up, I see the most beautiful mini red
dress I have ever seen. Giving each other a long sensuous kiss as we

Walking into a restaurant, I frequent quite regularly, Joe's wife Sara
smiles at me, as we take our seats. After dinner and a few drinks, I
feel her foot press into my crotch, as she winks at me. Moving closer
to her, I slip my hand under her dress to find no panties, but her wet
pussy lips on my fingers. Smiling once again as I look at her face, I
slip two fingers in her. Sara gasps as she smiles.. Working her closer
to an orgasm, I flick the tip of her clit as she kisses my neck.
Knowing Sara's ready to become a fire cracker. I make her orgasm flood
my hand, as she moans loudly in my ear. Kissing me in thanks, I hug
her as she regains her composure.

Sara heads to the women's room to freshen up, as I ask for the bill.
Up returning I meet her at the door, as she grabs my arm with as firm
grip. Making our way to a local dance club I frequent, talking about
how Joe never takes her out any more.

Upon arriving at the club, Sara and I chat in line for several
minutes. Taking her in my arms, I caress her as she rubs her but
against my hardening cock. Standing in a secluded corner she starts to
rub her ass against me, as we talk and drink. Suddenly she pulls me
onto the dance floor, as we dance close to slow song. After a few
songs we return to our corner, as the crowd gets bigger. With her back
to move once again, I lift her dress from the back as hands caress her
but cheeks. This excites her more, as she wiggles her ass against me
harder. She turns her head as we kiss, deeply and passionately. After
several minutes, she whispers for me to take her home.

Walking back towards my car with Sara, She grabs my cock, as she wants
to pay me back for the restaurant. Getting into the car, she moves
close to me as her hands rest on my big cock. Driving out of the
parking lot, Sara takes my cock out of my pants. Smiling at me she
flicks her finger over the tip, as I moan. She moves her head to my
cock as she begins to suck and tease me with her tongue. Trying to
keep my concentration on my driving we finally, get on the long road
to her place.

Knowing I am about to explode, Sara deep throats me as her throat
sucks me. Sending me over the edge, my cum explodes deep in her throat
as she licks me clean. Giving me a quick kiss as she leans against my

Upon entering Sara's place we made love all night and into the next

I left before Joe came home the following day, after she sucked me dry
at the door.

Sara and I repeat this whenever Joe goes out of town. Sara asks me if
her friends can join us sometime. I said sure.

Sara tells me her friends Amy and Sumona are going up to their cottage
on the weekend. Asking if I am free to join them.

Joe's leaving tomorrow for Europe for 2 weeks on business, you'll know
what I will be into.

So long for now.


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