Saturday, March 20, 2010

doing this "Stuff"

This is a true story and this was the first of my 3 experiences doing this "Stuff"

It was a couple of months ago. My bf was away because of work and I was really feeling horny because I just came from a party and was partly drunk. I went to starbucks gold loop, behind ua&p to buy coffee and sober up a little. I saw a couple there fighting. They were very young, at least younger than me. the guy was probably 20-21 the girl was probably 17-18. Rich kids talaga because I could see the necklace of the guy and the charms that the girl wore plus the fact that they ordered like the most expensive stuff there like the kettle chips and oreo cheesecake. They were arguing about school or something related to that. Anyway, the guy was getting pissed na rin because the girl was getting loud na and it was getting pretty embarrassing na even though hindi masyado maraming tao. I got the banana mocha that I ordered and sat outside watching them. Halfway through, I started to really sober up na but I was feeling horny so I decided to go home na and maybe watch a porn dvd to relieve myself. ( I'm a horny girl but i'm extremely loyal). So I went to my car parked a few meters away in front of 711 and when I got there I realized that the two were behind me still arguing. the girl was pissed. they went inside their car, a bmw, not a car ha the suv type... forgot the name.. anyway, medyo tinopak ako and went in the backseat. They were so surprised and stopped talking for a while. I scolded them and told them that they fuckin ruined my night because of their noise kanina in starbucks. The guy said "Get the Hell Out!" I didn't and instead produced my Tazer. (I use it for self defense hehehe) I told him that they have to make up for hat they did and if they didnt do what I told them I'd electrecute them both. The girl said "What the !@#? do you want? Money? Here!" SHe offered me a couple of thousand pesos but I just slapped it away. I cooly sipped at my banana mocha frap and told them "I don't need your money" "THen what do you want? !@#? anong gusto mo?" Sabi ko, "Gusto mo malaman?" Then slapped the back of his head with the palm of my hand. That surprised him and I then slapped the girl the same way. "!@#?! !@#? what do you want?" The girl said. I told them...

anyway, I told her, "Are you gonna stop cursing or do i have to electrecute your mouth? Ambata bata mo at sosyal ang dating mo pero wala kang ka-class class! You spoiled little bitches think you can do anything." I slapped her head again. Her hair was now a bit messed up and she looked like she was gonna cry. She said between sobs "Okay okay what do you want? Get it over with" The girl was pretty, not mestiza but fair skinned. The guy was good looking din. Their good looks were heightened by the fact that they wore signature clothes and expensive accesories. The guy said "there's no need to hurt us okay? What do you want nga?" So I told them " I want you to suck his d**k?" SHe stopped crying and said "What?" The guy didn't say anything. I said, Didn't you hear me? I said I want you to suck his d**k. Suck, his, d**k, cock, t***, burat. Give him a blow job right now" She looked at me confused. So I took her head and forced it down to his lap. "Suck his d**k!" When I let go, she suddenly slapped his boyfriend several times screaming "Gimmick mo to no!? Imbento mo lang to no because I won't do that no? !@#?! You're an asshole Mark! You're a f****** asshole! You hired someone just so i'll give you head??? You asshole!" She kept flailing away at the guy who was defending himself. "You think this was my idea? To get hit in the head for a blowjob? This isn't my fault. I don't know her! I swear I don't know her!" Truth to tell I nearly choked on my mocha banana frap from laughing when I saw that. The girl kept hitting the guy, "Liar! You f****** Liar! You'd do anything!Pathetic!" One of her hands hit my arm and i spilled a bit of frap on my blouse. I said "Whoa! wait wait wait stop!" The girl stopped and the guy lowered his hands. As soon as this happens the girl slapped him again, this time, a good clean slap across the face. "!@#? Trish! I said I don't know her!" I said "He's right. I don't know either of you. You want this to end?" "Yes" "Then suck his d**k!" The guy looked at his girl and said " O ano?" The girl said "O ano ka dyan?" The guy then lifted his butt up and began unzipping his pants. The girl began looking away.

I got curious and asked "Why are you looking away? It's not like you haven't seen it.." Silence. "Oh you haven't? Okay..." "The guy then was about to take out his d**k. I had a feeling that the guy wasn't totally opposed to the idea. I said "O look." The girl looked. "Suck it." Reluctantly, the girl approached the guys lap. She had this scowl on her face and was moving slowly. I pushed her head to the guy's lap. "Ouch! I'm doing it doing it! Okay" The guy's d**k was about average I guess... about 5 inches semi erect. The girl then slowly took the d**k in her hand then opened her mouth slowly and put it in. The guy was just silent but then moaned when the girl continued to take his d**k in. The girl suddenly got up and said angrily to his boyfriend "You f****** enjoying this?!" The guy meekly said "So-sorry. I..Kasi.. sorry" I said "Of course he's enjoying it! It's a blowjob!" The girl said to his boyfriend "I hate you" then lowered her head again and continued with the blowjob. Pati ako napasuck sa mocha banana frap ko. It was erotic. Her anger brought it to a much higher level. SHe bobbed her head up and down and by this time the guy was holding his girl's head with his right hand. I took the guy's hand then guided it to the girl's butt. The girl was wearing a skirt. I whispered to the guy, "Finger her" The guy reached into the skirt. I held his hand and we both rubbed the girl's pussy from behind through her cotton panties. The girl moaned but it sounded like a protest. She began to get up to take the d**k out of her mouth but was having a bit of a diffculty because the body of the guy was a bit on top of her because the guy was reaching to the back nga. I took my hand out of her skirt and pushed her head down to his d**k again. By this time the guy was playing with the girl's pussy na and I could actually smell the scent of her pussy already. Then the guy said " Lapit na ako... !@#?!" The girl was about to get up but then i pushed it down again. The guy's left hand suddenly clutched the wheel hard and his right hand held on to the backrest of the passenger seat. The guy was cumming. I said "Swallow" and the girl had no choice but to do so. But she began to gag so I let go of her head. Naawa din ako. Been in that situation e. So she took his d**k out but may one more spurt which splashed on her face. She sat back on her seat exhausted and coughing, cum dribbling down her cheek and corner of her lips. The guy reached over and wiped her face with a kleenex tissue. I said " How sweet!" The girl didn't say anything. She was still trying to recover. "I said " O di ba everybody happy?" I left the car and got into mine and drove off quickly. It was 1:30 am na.. 1 hour din yung buong scene! I almost hit a dog near Shangri la corner edsa because I wanted to leave as fast as possible. I live near greenhills. I got into my room and immediately went to work on my own pussy to relieve myself. I recalled the whole scene. It was hotter than any porn movie I ever saw. Grabe exciting. I actually want to do that again.


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