Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Three in a Row

My name is Anne and I'm now 31 years old. My story happened about 4
years ago while I was still in graduate school. I am a lawyer now.
I didn't get to see much of my boyfriend during law school and on
days that I missed him I end up fingering at night, fantasizing about
guys other than my boyfriend. There were about five guys in my school
whom I had the hots for (Jack, Mike, Mark, Alan and Froi). They
belonged to different barkadas. Sometimes I get wet when I flirt with
them in school. At the end of that school year, I was invited by
several guys, including Jack, to a gimmick in Libis. My boyfriend was
indisposed that night and he gave me permission to go, provided that
he fetches me after midnight. I decided to go out with Jack and his
barkada and we hanged out at one of the rowdy places at Libis. I was
wearing a black mini and a spag-strap top with a black jacket to keep
me warm.
I was soon getting drunk with lots of tequila shots. Jack was always
beside me, feeling me all over, and the tequila was making me hotter
than usual. A body shot by Jack on my left breast just above my
nipple really got me going. Our eyes met and we understood that we
wanted each other. It was already past 10:30 so I excused myself to
the comfort room before we "get a room". On my way to the comfort
room I bumped into Mike who was equally surprised to see me. We made
beso, and he must have felt how horny I already was. Our beso became
a long soul kiss with our tongues exploring each other's mouths. I
had to have him. He then dragged me (willingly) out of the club and
into his car at the 1000-car-parking lot where I immediately gave him
a blowjob. His d**k was already about to explode and he begged me to
mount him before he does. I straddled him and the feeling of finally
having this guy was too exciting! Mike pumped me continuously for
about 2 minutes before he came. I jumped off him and pumped his d**k
as he unloaded and gave him a few playful licks before I left him at
the parking lot. It was not my first quickie =)
I found my way back to the club and Jack was no longer there. It was
already 11:00! I again walked out of the club and found myself
already at the exit of Eastwood City where I heard someone calling my
name. "Anne? Anne! Ikaw ba yan?" It was Mark! He was on his way to
another gimmick in Timog. I again felt excited as I had with Mike! I
was still drunk and horny. He asked what I was doing and I told
him "wala lang... pauwi na sana. Pero kung gusto mo ako... isama..."
I felt so slutty! He offered to bring me along and I got into his
Honda SIR. My pheromones must have been peaking because I was so
damned hot, and he looked at me like a wild cat about to prey on me.
I noticed that I forgot my black jacket and I only had my spag strap
on and my nipples were obviously erect from excitement. We never made
it to Timog and instead he brought me to an apartelle somewhere in
Teacher's Village. It was already 11:30.
Just like what I did with Mike, we skipped foreplay and went straight
to the nitty gritty. Mark licked and sucked my nipples, which sent
electricity up my spine and all over my body. I had goosebumps all
over as he gently brushed his hands up and down my back and along my
curves. I straddled him and I guided his d**k into my pussy. I must
have been soaping wet because his d**k slipped in so easily and
smoothly! I squeezed my pussy muscles as I bounced up and down on
him, while he was massaging my boobs and squeezing my nipples
ocassionaly. I stole a look at my watch and it was already 12:00
midnight and I remembered that my boyfriend was going to fetch me
anytime soon at Libis! The thought about my boyfriend fetching me at
Libis while I was screwing another guy thrilled me and excited me
even more! The reminder also that I had sucked and fucked another guy
earlier behind Jack's back doubled the nymphomaniacal pleasure that I
was experiencing that moment. I didn't notice that I was already
giving Mark the ride for his life until he lunged up and sucked hard
on my right nipple, as he came inside me! His throbbing penis and the
spurting that I felt inside, plus the sensual thoughts racing through
my mind brought me over the edge as I finally came immediately after
Mark's orgasm. Fortunately, her was still hard enough and he had the
courtesy of continuing the pumping action as I froze and trembled on
top of his as I came. It was already 12:30 and I knew that I really
had to go home, or go back to Libis. I decided to go back to Libis
with the hope of retrieving my black jacket.
Mark was gentleman enough to drive me back to Libis. I told him that
tonight was exceptional because I have a boyfriend and I don't
normally go to bed with other guys unless I liked them that much. In
effect, I told Mark that I liked him so and gave him a hint that "it"
coud happen again. Mark gave me a kiss on the cheek, dropped me
beside McDonalds and drove off. After standing there for a minute or
two, I remembered my cellular phone which I had in my small purse. I
reached for my 6110 and saw several messages sent before midnight by
my boyfriend, telling me that he might be late and that, if I didn't
mind, ask somebody for a ride home and that he would drop by my house
on his way home. What a jerk! Had I known that earlier I would have
had a second round with Mark the stud!
There were also several messages from Jack, asking me where I was and
if he had offended me, and apologized for his actions. His barkada
thought that I had walked out on him and had probably teased him
about it. Jack also sent a message asking if I had gone home and if
he could visit me and bring me some Starbucks coffee. I figured that
he must have been at Starbucks Libis at that time and possibly could
still be there. But I hesitated from going to Starbucks considering
the state that I was in. I texted him back and told him that I can
meet him over a cup of coffee in the morning instead. I took a cab
home and it was already 1:30 in the morning.
When the cab made the last turn on to our street I noticed a car
parked in front of our house. It was Jack! I asked the taxi driver
to pull over a few houses before mine and I walked over to Jack's car
where I found him sleeping. I knocked on his window and he
immediately woke up. He wasn't really asleep, he only had his eyes
closed as he though of me, he said. I asked him inside and he
hesitated because of the unholy hour that it was. I made a
compromise and asked him to stay at the front terrace as I made us
both some hot chocolate. He agreed and I brought him a glass of cold
water to quench his thirst, then I went back inside to make tsokolate-
eh! I was already imagining playing with chocolate while having sex
with him! I truly felt like a nymphomaniac that night. The hot
chocolate gave us warmth that cool summer night but not long enough
for someone wearing just a mini and a spag strap blouse. He must
have noticed that I was shivering a little and he sat beside me on
the long wooden spanish bench that we had in the terrace. I wasn't
really paying attention to what we were talking about. I was having
goose bumps again. It must have been the coolness of the night
breeze, or the effects of the chocolate, or I was simply getting
horny again! He placed his arm around me to keep me warm and the
touch of his skin against my sensitive skin turned up the heat very
well. I almost immediately melted under his touch and into his body
when I found myself again looking into his eyes with the most urgent
longing to be taken by him. I initiated the contact. I kissed him…
all tongue… there was no hiding the fact that we wanted to !@#?…
badly! The only question was: Where? Although everybody at home was
asleep I dared not do the freaky inside my own house. I also did not
want to do it in his car. I wanted a bed where I can really have
sex! Jack asked me "but… what about your BF?" I didn't respond and
pulled him by the hand towards his car. We went to one of the motels
at Shaw Blvd. I was still wearing the mini and spag strap top that I
had when I gave Mike a blowjob and a quickie. The same mini skirt
and blouse that I wore when I went to the apartelle to have sex with
Mark. I wanted to get rid of those clothes as soon as possible so I
can concentrate on Jack. It was already 3:00 in the morning.
I was all over Jack when we parked at the garage and I was already
blowing him before the attendant finished checking the room if it was
ready for occupancy. The motel attendant made a double take at the
car before he closed the garage door. He must have seen my head
bobbing up and down as I sucked off Jack's d**k. Jack didn't stop me
and he reached underneath to play with my boobs. I had a strapless
bra and he expertly unclasped it with one hand. He was already
pleasuring my breasts as I sucked up the length of his meat. I tried
to reach for his balls in the tight confines of the driver's seat of
his Honda SIR (I wonder why all guys HAD to HAVE an SIR then). The
additional sensation on his balls made him slouch a little and then
he reached for my pussy with his right hand. He pulled the fabric
aside and started fingering me right there, inside his car at the
garage of a motel. He already had three fingers inside me when began
to feel the familiar sensation of pre-orgasm that I felt earlier with
Mark. His hand must have been doing some sort of acrobatics when I
felt his thumb rub against my clit while he fucked me with three
fingers. A few more minutes of that and I was cumming all over his
leather seats, and I was sucking his d**k more fervently as if it
were the last cock that I would suck for the summer. His d**k became
harder still and longer by another half or full inch as I desperatley
tried to fit the whole thing in my mouth. He was thrusting faster up
into my throat now and I swear, I could really feel his cock swelling
inside my mouth. He would be cumming anytime now. Both his hands
had a good grip on my short hair by now as he was f****** my face
with a fury. The slutty side of me wanted him to cum in my mouth and
all over my face right then and there. He was making a throaty groan
as his thrusts became short and quick, just enough to jab in and out
of the entrance to my throat and for me to breathe. He suddenly
pulled on my hair lifting my mouth off his cock as my throat made a
plopping sound when his cock head exited my throat. "Not yet! Let's
go upstairs!" he said as he opened his door and rushed out of his
I quickly followed him and continued sucking his d**k once he sat on
the bed. I was sucking his cock while I was pulling down his pants
and briefs, and while he was taking off his polo. He pulled me off
his d**k again and he guided me on to the bed and made me lie down.
He tugged underneath my mini skirt and he pulled down my T-back
undies. My bra was left inside his car so my breasts were really
straining against the thin material of my spag strap blouse. Jack
slipped the straps of my blouse off my shoulders and pulled the thin
fabric down a little so he can have access to my tits. He straddled
my chest and started tit-f****** me. My 34B tits were being massaged
by his (must have been) 7 inch d**k with pre-cum oozing out everytime
he slid it forward towards my mouth. I would lick some of the pre-
cum as he did this and as I squeezed my tits together around his
slimy d**k. Jack was already moaning and I sensed again the urgency
of his cumming. Jack grabbed his d**k and began masturbating I front
of me as I anticipated the sudden spurt of cum on my face. Jack
moved off me and positioned himself between my legs. He was going to
!@#? me with my clothes on! He did not have to open my legs wide, I
did it for him and all he did was to shove his 7 inches into my hot
wet cunt. I came immediately and I bit into his left forearm. The
pain of that bite must have stopped him from cumming because he began
pumping into me like a well oiled piston, grunting loudly with each
thrust. "!@#?, Anne! !@#?! You like this !@#?? !@#? Anne! !@#?!"
Jack grunted as he fucked me with his macho cock. "ooh…ooohh… yes,
YES… !@#? me jack… I won't tell my boyfriend if you !@#? me like this
everytime" I replied.
Jack and I got into a rhythm and he was soon f****** me with long and
measured strokes. He would thrust in deep until his pubic bone
ground into mine. This would stimulate my clit at every downward
thrust. Then he would pull out slowly until his head exits my vagina
my remains in contact with my labia, then he thrusts in again. He
fucked me like this for what seemed liked hours when I felt another
orgasm approaching. My pussy muscles began contracting and this
stimulated Jack's orgasm as well. Jack stopped pumping me when he
came and buried his d**k deep inside me. He began grinding against
my clit which brought my orgasm to a higher level. No sound came out
of my mouth. A soft groan emanated from Jack's mouth as he emptied
his cum into my womb. "UuhhhhI'll !@#? you like this anytime when
your boyfriend is not around if you ask me" Jack said as he throbbed
his last throb inside my cunt. It was already 4:30 in the morning.
Jack's mentioning my boyfriend reminded me that he was supposed to
drop by my house before he goes home. I checked my phone while I
washed up in the bathroom, and there were several messages from my
boyfriend telling me that he was on his way to my place, that he was
already outside my house, asking if I had received his messages, if I
was already asleep, and that he was going to go home, and that he was
at home already. There was also a few messages from Mike asking me
out again, and from Mark thanking me for a nice time and asking me
out again as well. I'm thankful my boyfriend did not go out with me
that night.


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