Friday, August 28, 2009

A Family Affair

A Family Affair

It had to be in the genes. I wasn't fully aware that it
even existed until well into my prime, and even now I'm
unsure of all the ramifications.

My childhood was a happy one as a shy kid and I felt I
was well liked by most of my classmates. On the other
hand, my home life with my Mom was a continual parade
of different men. I never really questioned her private
life, and wasn't to learn until after her death that
she was a true nymphomaniac by one of the "johns" that
sort of adopted me. My Mom was a pretty lady, I
thought, always had an upbeat attitude and a flair for
enticing most any man to her bed. They never stayed
long though, and we moved several times during my youth
because, as rumor has it, she screwed her lovers to an
untimely death.

Unlike her, though, I wasn't really interested in the
opposite gender other than their inherent instinctual
abilities. Rather, my interests peaked at the newest
computer technologies that were changing so rapidly.
Mowing lawns and saving money for the fastest and
newest system became my obsession all the way through
secondary school. When a scholarship was offered at the
local technical institute, I grabbed it without a
second thought and finished at the top of the class.

After that, employment in computer think tanks came
easy. Many long hours were spent writing programs in
front of computer screens. When my Mom died rather
suddenly, I moved from our second story apartment into
a condo with a nice view of the city and little more
than a mattress and my Pentium with all the hardware
and software I could afford.

My first real experience with the opposing gender
occurred when I was barely twelve years old with nary a
strand of hair near my under endowed genitalia. I was
just beginning to experience the results of raging
hormones, and found most all of my other male
classmates were far more sizeable in the packages they
proudly supported. I kept to myself in fear of ridicule
that never really materialized and kept my impulses at
bay thanks to the multitude of porn available on-line.

The gross expletives coming from my Mom's room only
supported my alienation to all things feminine until
late one hot August day when I was mowing the lawn for
a well known businessman. He had twin daughters who
were seniors at the local high school. They always
seemed to be in the pool while I was working on the

This particular day, while I was on my knees trimming
the grass under a rose bush, I heard giggling only
moments before I was curtly thrown on my back and had
my pants pulled off. One of the girls sat heavily on my
chest while the other yanked off my boxers. They both
burst into laughter and began tugging and playing with
my reproductive membranes.

I started screaming until my sweaty underwear was
shoved into my mouth and my hands were pinned to my
chest under a bony butt. They tried manipulating the
flaccid flesh for the better part of a half hour
despite my muffled protests before they both jumped up
and ran through the double French doors into the house.

I lay there in the shade for a long time, with my
thoughts awash with questions and consequences. The two
girls were not really all that pretty to me with their
short cropped red hair, freckled faces, boob less
chests, and skinny bodies. Perhaps the experience would
have a different if I had found the girls attractive or
the scenario had been more accommodating. But for me,
the experience was repulsive and the mystery would
always remain as I never mowed their lawn again.

When I entered college, I had taken Laurie, a girl in
my class, on several dates to the local computer fairs
at the urging of my Mom. We tried kissing and groping
but I just wanted her as a companion more than anything
else. She had great tits as far as I could tell, but
she was kind of plump and was only interested in
drawing cartoons for Walt Disney.

We got together for the mandatory social functions;
more to prove that we weren't gay to our peers than for
any other reason. She asked me to go to bed with her
right after my Mom's funeral as more of a nurturance
thing than anything else but I gracefully declined and
never saw her again.

Now working with virtual reality, I submerged myself in
the inconsistencies presented by the human experience
versus mechanical synapses. It was long and tiring
mental labor with few hard earned successes. One
particularly late night Leslie, an attractive young
student aid, wandered into my cubicle completely

She plopped down on my computer desk and began studying
her fingernails. I was about to address her
impetuousness when she crossed her legs. With her short
skirt, I realized she wasn't wearing underwear. The
musky scent I had smelled so many times coming from my
Mom's room began to permeate the air. Immediately, my
concentration went out the window and I felt myself

"Why Mr. Jones, what a pretty shade of red your

I stumbled for a response - anything that might
vindicate my current dilemma.

"Like are you married 'cause if you are, you sure
aren't around your old lady much are you?"

I was finally able to able to adjust my glasses choke
out a "No."

"Well you see, like I was kind of wondering what it
would be like to screw a nerd. I've heard they are
really good in the sack if you can ever tear them away
from their computers and stuff."

"I wouldn't know," I choked wondering if I should call
security and if so, how to explain her presence.

"Let's find out, shall we?" She slipped off the desk
and down to her knees in front of my chair and began
deftly fumbling with my zipper. Stunned into paralysis,
I gawked as she tugged my pants to my knees, and slid
from her sun dress. Despite the awkwardness, my penis
began to grow rapidly, filling my loins with the warm
familiar sensations that I had tried to repress for so
long. Her delicate fingers gently caressed the
throbbing flesh, encircling the corona with a feather
touch. I groaned in ecstasy at her touch.

"It sure is skinny – but it's kind of cute," she
murmured. "You haven't gotten laid in a while have
you?" My throat was parched and my balls ached as she
continued to caress my throbbing flesh. Unconsciously,
my hips began to move of their own accord as a small
drop of semen collected on my glans. She swept it off
with her well-manicured finger and after a quick sniff,
she licked her finger clean. "Tastes different," she
offered as her eyes began to glaze over and her tiny
nipples hardened noticeably. "Oh Gawd..."

She tried to climb into the chair and mount me in a
fever of desperation but our combined weight sent us
sprawling onto the carpet and the chair flying into a
partition. If someone else had been in the office, it
would have surely brought them running. She pulled me
onto her delicious frame, and desperately worked her
hips to position herself.

As I slid into the most delightfully moist folds I had
ever dreamed of, she clamped her arms and legs around
me like a vice. She grunted breathlessly as her warmth
enveloped my virgin essence completely, gritting her
teeth and squinting in erotic agony. Her hips bucked
several times and she produced a low wail as her body
trembled violently. Breathing in short gasps, her pubis
rutted relentlessly against my own. With a final vice
like grip, I felt her finally relax beneath me and
began to wonder if she had a seizure.

I gently tried to extract myself from her quivering
form, when I heard her distinctive command in a low
growl; "Don't you dare."

My composure was just beginning to return when she
began her wild gyrations again. I pried myself away
from her chest and savored the glorious texture of her
delicate intimacies as my eyes feasted upon the small
melons that gyrated in concentric circles on her chest.
As she grunted and clenched beneath me, I felt the
burning herald of my encroaching orgasm from deep
within my pelvis to the throbbing tip of my penis.

I choked back a sob as I bathed her depths with my
searing sperm, seeing stars and shaking uncontrollably.
She shrieked and bucked wildly beneath me, shaking her
head from side to side as her neck and chest were
bathed in a warm red glow.

With a final thrust of her hips, she collapsed beneath
me, and I felt a warm stream squirt from somewhere
within her vulva bathe my genitals. Her eyes rolled
into her head as her body quivered beneath me. I kissed
her full lips gently and felt her slow shallow breaths
on my cheek as I eased my expended appendage from her
warmth. It was better than I had ever dreamed.

Pulling my pants up quickly, the euphoric afterglow
gave way to genuine concern as she wasn't moving. The
pool that had formed beneath the matted hair of her
vulva was gradually seeping into the carpet, producing
a stain that would forevermore be a constant reminder
of where I lost my virginity.

Before long, panic set in, and I struggled to get the
flimsy sun dress onto her lifeless body before dragging
her down to the coffee lounge and easing her onto the
old sofa that someone had donated some years past. She
looked so peaceful, and she was breathing; but she
smelled like pure sex.

Back in the cubicle, I tried to dry the wet spot as
best as I could with some paper towels and grabbed the
air freshener and my coat. The fine mist of the air
freshener drifted across her sleeping body and
throughout the office as I made a quick circuit before
heading out the door to my condo.

They say the first time is the best but for whom? I lay
awake for long hours wondering about Leslie while
savoring the fragrance of the essence that clung to my
unwashed genitals. The consequences seemed moot as who
would believe that a nerd as myself could bring such a
sexy young creature into orgasmic oblivion.

The next day was uneventful, further supporting my
innocence until about one o'clock when Judith from
personnel stuck her head into my cubicle and made it
clear that we were to meet in the conference room at

Judith was a middle aged Mother, who had come to us a
few months earlier. She was just getting over an
abusive relationship with her former husband, and
didn't seem to have much time for any male, much less
the geeks that surrounded her in the office. Overweight
to a fault, she held a civil tongue while making her
position on feminism clear.

She would have made a perfect poster woman for feminine
frustration, I surmised. Once inside the conference
room, she locked the door and abruptly sat next to
where I had assumed a relaxed position.

"I just came from the isolation ward in the hospital,
and want to know what happened with Leslie last night."
Her no nonsense glare was unnerving.

"What," I responded somewhat anxiously.

"Are you aware that I worked as an attending nurse at
County General for 15-years; and I have never seen
anything like the poor girl? She's anemic, incoherent,
dehydrated, and obviously delusional. All she can say
is your name while frantically rubbing her pussy."

Fearing any response would trigger an explosive
outburst, I stared at the table. I tried to feign
innocence as she continued.

"She was picked up by the Sheriffs Patrol for suspected
prostitution after they found a trail of senseless
'Johns' from just outside the building all the way down
to 2nd street (several miles from the office). Now I
want to know what you did before I turn you in for some
sort of sordid rape. Heaven knows, you probably wrote a
program to prey off innocent young virgins!"

"Now really, Judith;" I chided, "Why don't you get a
little perspective into your accusations. You know that
type of programming is far beyond..."

"I want you to drop your drawers, and let me see what
you're packing," she said with a low, firm voice that
would silence a room full of people.

"Please Judith; do you really think that's

"Do it before I call the authorities," she commanded as
she reached into her purse for her cell phone.

Hesitantly, I struggled to my feet and slowly undid my
slacks. Impatiently, she grabbed my boxers and tugged
them down to my shoes, then grabbed my flaccid flesh in
both hands. Slowly she caressed the entire shaft, more
with disdain than anything else. My face reddened as,
despite the novelty of the situation, her warm hands
brought stirrings of arousal into my pelvis.

"Oh quit acting so shy," she blurted abruptly, "I've
seen a thousand of these things before and, quite
frankly, yours leaves much to be desired." She
continued to examine my genitals thoroughly as my
arousal became even more obvious.

"You smell like dried cum," she observed disdainfully
as her thumb smeared a small dollop of precum from my
glans. As she smeared the slick substance over her
fingertips, her demeanor almost immediately changed.

I could almost see her glasses steam over as she pulled
my torso closer and unexpectedly devoured my penis,
sucking on it mercilessly as her tongue flicked over
the glans lightly.

All I could think of is "why" as her stimulation sent
charges of electricity down my legs and through the
torso she now held so firmly. In mere seconds, it
seemed, I was coming down her throat as she continued
to suck greedily, increasing the suction with each
spurt she swallowed.

Suddenly she bit down on the base of my organ, not
enough to break the skin, but enough to illicit a yelp
and make me topple to my knees. Not missing the
opportunity, she struggled briefly to bare her torso
before lunging at me, throwing me onto my back. Her
make-up smeared face suddenly appeared savage as she
leapt onto my hips and try to force my somewhat
deflated member into the full bushy lips of her

"It's not your pistol, Mister," she stated
breathlessly, "It's what you're pistol is packing!"
Fervently she tugged on my organ until; somehow, it
began to surge back to life. Visibly exasperated, she
forced the semi-flaccid organ inside her dripping birth
canal, and ground her hips against me in wild abandon,
bruising the skin over my pubic bone.

The mixture of pleasure and pain brought me to a new
threshold of arousal, and all too soon I was pumping
the last remnants of my essence into her quivering
flesh. My gonads actually ached from their exertions.
She shrieked as she peaked.

There was a knock at the door and I scrambled to feet
tugging the wrinkled remnants of my clothes securely
around my waist in a panic. Looking down at the
trembling remains of Judith, I ran to the door with my
mind awash with potential explanations.

The president was standing there with an inquisitive
expression while his ever present secretary looked over
his shoulder. I bolted for the security of my cubicle
and slid into my chair. I could feel my career slipping
into oblivion as I nervously typed out a quick letter
of resignation. It took only a few brief moments to
gather my personal belongings and tape the ill-composed
letter to my monitor.

As I stepped out of my cubicle, I took a quick glance
back towards the conference room where a large group of
my coworkers had gathered. Quietly I crept up behind
the crowd and peered through the partially opened
blinds. Judith, astride our flabbergasted leader, was
humping his obese frame in wild abandon.

The stunned look on his face was priceless as her
thundering cellulite was pummeling him into
senselessness. I turned quietly with my options clear
and my future uncertain. Back at the condo, I packed
what I could into the car, and with a few phone calls,
I was out the door and onto the interstate for points

As the miles slipped away, my cell phone chirped
incessantly. I was awash with fear and frustration. It
was after midnight when I finally pulled into a truck
stop and ordered a coffee. The young waitress was
bubbly as she lingered by my table awaiting my order.

I finally settled for a hot apple pie and stared off
into the night with thoughts of my departed Mother. She
had emphasized that I was special whenever we spent
what few moments we had together alone. I was finally
beginning to understand the legacy she had left behind.
My genitals felt like ground, depleted hamburger. When
I thought I was unnoticed, I rearranged my equipment
and silently vowed to get a room with a tub so I could
soak them in steaming hot water.

"Here's your pie," the pixie stewardess announced with
a slight southern drawl. Are you comfortable?"

"Uh yeah, why," I queried cautiously.

"Well, I sort of saw you scrunching around in your
seat, and thought that maybe, you might need a little
company tonight."

I smiled weakly at her and shook my head no, overcome
with the recent experiences that had brought me here.
After taking a few bites of pie, I threw a twenty on
the table and strolled around the corner to a small
motel. The rooms had tubs and more than reasonable
rates. I filled the tub with the hottest water I could
stand, and flipped on CNN as I shed my road weary
clothes. Just as I slipped into the steaming water, I
heard a faint knock on the door. After the second
knock, I cursed softly and pulled myself from the warm
confines into the cool air. The waitress pushed past me
as I opened the door and began to strip wordlessly.

Locking the door I stepped back into the steaming tub
and was joined by her lithe youthful body moments
later. My hands roamed over her smooth curves as my
desire began to grow. She responded with a sensual
dance of eroticism, moving her hands lovingly over my
tired frame, as she rubbed her neatly trimmed labia
across my thigh. Her sighs were music to my tired ears
as my mouth found her delicate brown nipples.

My hands continued to caress her flawless skin as she
held my head tightly to her bosom. As I slid my hand
into the warm water to feel her feminine folds, her
body trembled and she softly bit my shoulder. With just
a few exploratory stokes along her delicate folds, she
squeaked softly and finished bringing herself to her
peak on the palm of my hand.

As her orgasm ebbed, she reached for my genitals, but I
eased her hand away and gave her a kiss filled with
everything I held within. We held one another lovingly,
and as she drifted off to sleep in my arms I finally
relaxed fully. Tomorrow would grant a new opportunity
to explore my sexual identity, but for now, I would be
content knowing that I was appreciated for the comfort
I could give rather than the frustration I had given.

I awoke in the morning with a little angel tucked
snugly in my arms. How we had found our way from the
tub to the comfort of the bed I'll never know.
Caressing her delicate features gently until she awoke,
I felt as if I had finally come to know the intimacy I
had sought all my life.

She wanted me to stay and wept silently as I closed the
door quietly on my way to check out. As I walked to my
car, a long black limo pulled up beside me and the
heavily tinted window slid open silently to reveal an
attractive middle aged lady with a warm smile.

"I've been watching you," she stated, "Why don't you
join me."

This was all too strange; I thought to myself as I took
a step towards my car then stopped. I walked over to
the other side of the limo and stepped in as the driver
closed the door gently behind me and returned to his
seat. As we drove away from the interstate on a windy
back road, my hostess stubbed her cigarette and began
to unravel the mysteries that had beset me in recent

She was my Mother's younger Sister Rose, and described
herself as an unfulfilled nymphomaniac. Before her
conception, her Granddad had been plowing the field
early one morning when he had an "outer worldly
experience" that he never spoke of directly.

Apparently he was implanted with a genetic modification
that was hoped would alter humanities descent into
selfish isolation. She was now the only surviving
direct descendant and I was the only fertile offspring.
It was my choice as to continue that which my Granddad
had begun or to let it die quietly. She offered the
vast resources at her disposal in support of whatever
decision I made.

The thought of becoming a gigolo was somewhat unnerving
even though it is my birthright. My Aunt gingerly
reached for my hand as we drove into the wooded hills,
and I grasped it gently in understanding. She was
doomed to spend her life harboring unfulfilled desires
while I was destined to cultivate that very desire for
future generations to harvest.

Predestination was never an option for me as my
youthful ideals were permeated with "what ifs." As her
hand slipped from mine and began its slow ascent
towards my crotch, I sensed her desperation and quietly
lowered my slacks. With restrained eagerness, she
slowly lowered her head onto my flaccid member and
skillfully used her mouth to awaken my desires. As I
hardened in the moist warmth she provided, I could
sense her urgency, and closed my eyes to forget who she
was and focus on what she was giving.

Rose demonstrated the gentle stimulation only age and
experience can bring. While her mouth gently drew me
into her throat, her tongue savored every pore of my
straining organ; delving on the unique lines and curves
with sincere relish. Her exploration brought me to the
edge quickly and I unintentionally bucked my hips as my
essence erupted into her throat. As she fervently drew
in the last drops of my seed with an unmistakable groan
of satisfaction, guilt overwhelmed me and I had to turn
away. Had I changed into a incestuous deviant, now
enjoying intimacies with my own Aunt?

"What is it," she queried as her body trembled slightly
in fulfillment?

"Did you ever marry?"

"You are quick," she offered. "No, but I had two
offspring and my Sister one by the same sire – your

My mouth fell open as she continued. "Your Grandmother
died shortly after the alien encounter – I can only
suspect my Father's drive was the reason. He was lonely
and with two daughters nearby, it was only a question
of time before we were sharing his bed. Those were the
best of times, filled with the most intense love we
would ever know.

I carried two of his children being with him the
longest while your Mom became disenchanted after your
birth and moved on to fulfill her desires in the city.
Only males can propagate the genetic codes; my Sister
and I are barren to unaltered male sperm. The two girls
you have slept with will only be able to bear your
offspring from now on IF you so desire.

I paused to reflect on her words as we continued deeper
into the forested hills. "Where are your children,

"I made my son Robert a eunuch when he was quite young
and he is currently driving the car. The driver gave a
quick over the shoulder wave while his eyes never
strayed from the road ahead. You slept with my Daughter
Sandra last night and she will soon join us at the
lodge. I thought you might need a little time away from
distractions to sort out all you've just learned and
make plans for the future."

"The waitress is your daughter?"

"She took a big chance sleeping with you; I trust she's
still a virgin?

"Uh, yeah;" I stammered. So let me get this straight;
an alien entity produced a genetic change in my Grandpa
who seduced his two daughters and fathered among two
others, myself. With the only other male sexless, I
alone carry a genetic code that makes women sterile
nymphomaniacs unless I make them pregnant. If their
offspring are males, they can spread the genetic codes,
while any females are perfectly normal unless they mate
with a one of my male offspring."

"That's a very good analysis," Rose offered gently
while patting my hand.

"Do these "genes" offer any other benefits?"

"Not that I can discern except both you and my son are
extremely well versed in the sciences. Robert is
working on his doctorate in astrophysics and has
already written several journals under consideration by
NASA, and I understand that your computer literacy is
advanced well beyond your peers. It could be
coincidence but then my Father was a simple man who
barely understood basic electrical wiring."

I smiled; "Seems to me these alien visitors are
preparing our population for something greater than we
know - sterilizing our females to only reproduce their
genetic encoding while turning them into nymphomaniacs;
then creating males with superior intelligence who will
never suffer from sexual frustration again. I don't
think Leslie and Judith should carry such a legacy."

"I never thought of it that way before. I have an
associate at the hospital that will see their
pregnancies never reach full term," Rose offered as she
turned to peer down the road behind us. I matched her
gaze and saw my car rapidly approaching with Sandra at
the wheel. She sped past us honking the horn and roared
off onto the horizon where she disappeared around a
sharp corner. Rose patted my hand and smiled pensively.

"Why us?" I asked.

"Indeed," Rose murmured. We peered ahead and pondered
all we had shared for the remainder of the trip.

A short while later we stopped in front of a sprawling
log cabin nestled in the trees. It overlooked a
beautifully serene valley blanketed in firs with a
small crystal clear lake on the valley floor. We spent
the remainder of the day until darkness fell wandering
through a honeycomb of paths while catching up on our
diverse histories. A time of bonding, we all drew
surprisingly close as I had hoped a family would.

Sandra stayed by my side and remained acutely aware of
anything I offered. I was falling in love with her, but
remained fearful of the consequences. She sensed my
hesitancy while offering her child like support with
playful hugs and quick kisses.

A delicious feast of chicken and dumplings was served
as we retired by the fireplace with CNN on the nearby
wide screen TV. In addition to Robert's keen knowledge
of astrophysics, he was deeply interested in the
political events that shaped the worlds economy. A
small story just before a commercial break caught my

It seemed that three UFO's had been sighted near where
we were staying by a commercial airline pilot of
notable reputation. Seldom would a professional aviator
step forward to report such things as more often than
not their credibility would be reduced to pond scum and
they would find themselves without a career.

When we retired, I opted to sleep alone. My newly
acquired knowledge had almost overwhelmed my logic and,
as Rose suggested, I needed time alone to sort out my
future. It seemed the choices were clear; disregard my
intuition and become an irresponsible gigolo or become
a eunuch as Robert and deny our humanity a future under
the dominion of an advanced species whose real intent
may not be understood for generations.

Did I have the resolve to live my life deprived of my
most basic motivation because of fear? Should I give
humanity the opportunity to redeem itself while still
locked in the throes of its own self destruction? It
was a moral decision that was complicated by the
wonderful afternoon I had spent with Sandra.

When sleep finally arrived, it was welcomed but was not
destined to last. A bright light filled the room
momentarily and dimmed to reveal a translucent figure
adorned in a long white shroud with arms outstretched.
Devoid of facial features, I could still hear its low
authoritarian voice as if it had the mouth and vocal
chords Pavarotti.

"We come in peace."

I almost laughed at the cliché, expecting something at
least more original.

"Our experiment with your species has failed," it
stated flatly. "You will be restored to your natural
state and your world shall pursue its fateful destiny
without future intervention."

I propped myself up on my elbows and searched for a
response. Finally I squeaked "Wait."

The figure remained motionless.

"Who are you?"

After a punctuated silence it spoke with wary voice;
"We have come from before your time, in search of a
species to share our quest for truth."

"I'd like that," I offered with a trembling voice that
barely obscured my fear."

"Our species will soon perish."


"Our males can no longer reproduce."

"What do you need," I felt myself becoming bolder with
each answer."


"Why not try artificial insemination or cloning?"

"All our attempts failed."

"Have you tried to mate with our species?"

"That is morally prohibited."

"Even with our consent?"

"That would be acceptable."

I took a deep breath; "I'm available," I offered.

"Your absence would be permanent."

I considered the proposal for a long moment before
responding. "May I have some time to say my goodbye to
my family?"

"I will return for you here in one lunar cycle."

"I'll be waiting," I offered as the phantom faded and I
was besieged by silence. Sleep did not return that
night and the following day was spent with Rose, Robert
and Sandra. It was a time of sadness and of hope. We
shared our dreams one final time as the following
evening ebbed into nightfall, and then bid our tearful
farewells as I packed a few reminders of life as I had
known it.

When my host finally arrived, we were waiting with
eager anticipation; Sandra squirming incessantly; her
virgin pussy just recently filled with my fertile seed.
There was a brief flash of brilliant light and they
were gone forever.

I looked out through the small viewing portal as my
world rapidly diminished to a pin point of light. One
can only hope my future generations may someday return
to find a world filled with hope and virtue. As for
now, two lovely alien creatures with the ability to
assume most any human form are clinging to my sides,
stroking my now exhausted genitals with loving care.
With the supplements I'm being given and the great
synthetic meals their machines can create, I'll be
ready to swing back into reproductive action in a
twinkling; ready to bring the multitude of nubile
virgins to previously undreamed of orgasmic heights.

So many women, so little lifetime – I'll make my Mom
proud. I wonder if they have an antique Pentium V
stored somewhere on my new home world.



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