Monday, May 25, 2009


I met up with this nice lady I met over the net. She was about 5'5", slim and chinita one. Second EB na kami nun at buti na lang pumayag siya ng one on one. We met near dinner time at a popular mall there and after some chit chat we went to my car. Once in the car, we had a little more chit chat. The topic strayed to sex and a bit of teasing and flirting occurred. Maybe it was the ambiance and the closeness but then we agreed to kiss just to find out if the other was as good as they claimed. Well the kissing was good and it led to a passionate tongue fight. Like the yellow pages, our fingers did the walking. My hand was a bit hesitant at first but then, seeing that she was enjoying the torrid kissing and all, I decided to go for broke. I placed my hand on her crotch and that made her hips grind against my palm. I gently caressed and massaged her pussy thru her pants at first, still unsure if I can go further. But she seemed to enjoy it further. Then I momentarily checked if there were people within the vicinity of my car. None. Besides with the “Manyak Tint” I have, I felt safe from prying eyes.

She asked if there was anyone. I said none. She then said lets go somewhere else private. Gentleman ako so pinagbigyan ko siya. On our way to the “private place”, she teased me and my hard on. I said why don’t u give me oral while we’re going there? She gladly obliged. She wasn’t really the best at that though but the thrill of getting head while driving around ortigas during rush hour traffic was amazing.

We checked in and I first went to the bathroom to give myself a good wash and scrub (yes I practice good hygiene) when I came out of the bathroom, she was sprawled on the bed wearing only her underwear. I turned down the lights to a bare minimum and then crawled to bed. I began by kissing her again. As the moments flew by, our kisses became more passionate while our bodies entwined. I then turned to kiss her beside her neck and behind her ears while my hands found her panty line and entered her panties. She was trimmed thinly down there. Just my type, just the way I like it. As also expected, she was really wet and hot down there. I used my tongue to maximum effect while my fingers gently played with her moist clit. I then started kissing my way down to her breasts which quickly made her moan louder. As I sucked on her nipples, it was then I slowly inserted one of my fingers down her wet tunnel. Now this made her call out all the saints I’ve ever known. This foreplay continued for some 15 minutes before I readied myself for the entry. I put on a “jacket” and positioned myself. My manhood was mad as hell for not joining sooner in the fun so it was eagerly anticipating the charge. I teased her a bit with my junior’s head, sliding it up and down her wet entry. She then grabbed my hips as if begging me to enter. So I did. I entered her slowly. She was wet and really warm down there. But then I pulled up halfway. Then I started entering again only this time I went a bit deeper. I made my thrusts slow so that I can feel every inch of her. She was moaning still so I guess she was enjoying it. Then I started maintaining a regular rhythm. In and out. After a few minutes, I asked her to shift positions. I lied down on my back while she sat on me. I can see her glistening love hole in the meager lighting of the room. I also saw how she held my manhood and guided it to her hole as she sat on me. The feeling was great too. She rode me like a rodeo queen. Up and down she went. After a couple more of minutes she brought her lips next to mine as we started to kiss again. I was thrusting her upwards while my hands were playing with her behind. I then laid her back on the bed and went traditional missionary position. I knew I couldn’t hold much longer. My thrust came forward deeper and with more speed than usual. She was grunting and moaning with every thrust. I then entered her with urgency and speed until I came.

After that, naka isa pa kami, mostly on doggie naman. The intensity was the same. Sarap. We washed up and We then checked out. We went home grinning and surely tired from our exhausting encounter.

Yun lang po…..


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